English Penny

English Penny
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Sie erhalten einen englischen Penny. Für Zauberkünstler ideal, da Penny- und Halbdollar-Münzen identisch in ihrer Größe und im Durchmesser sind. Der Zuschauer kann so kaum Erfühlen, welche Münze er in der Hand hält. Zudem ist der Kontrast Kupfer/ Silber sehr visuell.

English Penny
English Penny

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Eisenhower Dollar (Regular)

Sie erhalten eine unpräparierte Eisenhower Silber Dollar Münze.

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Bicycle Rider Back Standard Spielkarten (rot)
Das klassische Standard-Kartenspiel für den anspruchsvollen Zauberkünstler und Pokerspieler. Pokerkarten in 1a Qualität der U.S Playing Card Company.
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Bicycle Elite Edition Playing Cards (red)

The deck for demanding professionals. Bicycle Elite Edition delivers the Rider Back design you know and love in a way you’ve never felt before. Experience a super-premium feel thanks to ultra-thin luxury stock with elite embossed finish.

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Half Dollars regular

Sie erhalten einen amerikanischen Halbdollar (einfach). Für Zauberkünstler ideal! Halbdollar- und Penny-Münzen sind identisch in Größe und Durchmesser, und der Zuschauer kann durch Erfühlen kaum erkennen, welche Münze er in der Hand hält.

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Classy Close-Up Mat (BLACK - 18 inch) by Ronjo

Get the attention and respect your magic deserves: showcase it on a Magician’s Choice Close-up Mat. Our close-up pads have a thick rubber backing that grips the table, eliminating unwanted movement. The durable, hand washable surface is perfect for silent moves and super-smooth card spreads. It allows objects to be picked up quickly and easily.

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24,95 EUR
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At the Table Live Lecture Patrick Kun - DVD
Patrick Kun's dynamic style of performing makes even the most difficult of sleights look easy. From his own brand of magic to his consulting days with David Copperfield and Cyril, this is an EXCLUSIVE session that focuses on how Patrick creates impromptu magic with visual gimmicked effects in mind. Host Mike Hankins speaks in depth with Patrick about his creative process and how he comes up with fresh ideas. Patrick also performs and explains some of his signature pieces and Effects never seen before.

PK-Touch On The Classics:
Inflict: (Sandwich Plot) - A VISUAL color changing sandwich routine than can be done with many different presentations.
PK Collectors: (Collectors Plot) - A selected card is found in between four of a kind within a split second!
DIY Aces: (Gambling Plot) - A simplified version on the Spectator Cuts the Aces plot. EASY TO DO!
VOW: (Anniversary Waltz Plot/Basic Version) - A basic version of the Anniversary Waltz plot. Very simple and direct. Jaws drop for Patrick's version.

Vector: (Impromptu Haunted Deck) - Very visual and 'by the way', totally impromptu!

Mirror Force: Looking similar to the classic force, except the card is controlled to the bottom of the deck. This force can also conceal the back of a playing card.
4 Card Production: This is a flashy and flourishy way of producing four of a kind!

Sie erhalten die DVD in englischer Sprache. 

Video ansehen!
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