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Bicycle - Rainbow V2
Bicycle - Rainbow V2
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 Crazy Eyes by Tom Burgoon Crazy Eyes by Tom Burgoon
These goofy looking eyeballs will shock your audience into hysterics. World renowned comedy magician Tom Burgoon brings you a unique way to get your audience rolling straight from his comedy lecture. The possibilities for this hilarious site gag are endless.

Artikelnummer: 1812

9,95 EUR
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 DVD Stain-Shiv by Andrew Mayne DVD Stain-Shiv by Andrew Mayne
"If you’ve got a dark routine that can use a mysterious revelation, you may like Andrew Mayne’s "Stain." Meanwhile, "Shiv" can add some definite tension to your act..."
Wayne Kawamoto, Magic & Illusion 10/5/2009
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Artikelnummer: 1796

22,00 EUR
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 Finger Blister by Ickle Pickle Finger Blister by Ickle Pickle
You draw the outline of your left hand on a sheet of paper. A spectator takes a lit match (or cigarette) and freely selects to burn any fingertip. Once he's done so, and you've made proper facial expressions and groans of pain, YOU then show him that the fingertip on your actual left hand that corresponds with the fingertip he burned has a large blister.

Artikelnummer: 394

5,20 EUR
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 Maleficium By Paul Prater Maleficium By Paul Prater

To be honest, at first I was at a bit of a loss as to what to write about this book- Whenever I say that something we are publishing is beautiful, inventive, clever, creative and more it sounds self serving, even when it is true.

Artikelnummer: 989

42,95 EUR
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