400Ft Invisible Thread (Ellusionist) [1m ≈ 0,17¤]

400Ft Invisible Thread (Ellusionist) [1m ≈ 0,17¤]
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Ellusionist has finally found the undeniable, absolute pinnacle of Invisible Thread. A thread that we've tested to out-last, out-lift, out-stretch and plain out-do anything that is on the market. This is the strongest IET we have ever seen.

Each spool contains 400 feet of thread. That is a FOOTBALL FIELD. It's enough to last even the most frequent user a full year of performances.

Levitate. Suspend. Animate. Touch. Hover. Move. Freak Out. We think we've finally discovered a thread that does it all - better than anything else out there. 
Float a Solid Silver Dollar
Perform Haunted Pack anywhere in the deck
Perfect for 'hands off' hook-ups
Low-Gloss Finish for maximum invisibility
No Stripping Required
400ft of Invisible Elastic Thread

Tired of wasting our money on packet after packet of Loops (we like floating things... a lot) we've instead been tying our own for a while, but nothing we used really delivered everything we wanted in a thread. They were too visible, too inelastic, too brittle, too weak - just not up to our standards.

Rather than admitting defeat however, we instead set out to find a thread that was up to our demanding standards - and therefore, up to yours. Through much experimentation, deliberation, comparison and consultation with some serious Chuck Norris-style thread workers, we emerged from our testing labs (ok, ok - 'Warehouse') with a spool of magical gold - 400Ft of what we believe to be the best invisible thread available anywhere.

But hey - don't take our word for it - add it to cart and be amazed yourself.

Sie erhalten ca. 120 Meter unsichtbaren elastischen Faden.

400Ft Invisible Thread (Ellusionist) [1m ≈ 0,17¤]

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