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Maric Cup by Mr. Maric
Maric Cup by Mr. Maric
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Scryer´s Vault by Richard Webster 88,27 EUR
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Scryer´s Vault by Richard Webster

Forward by Richard Osterlind - Afterward by Banachek - Scryer’s Vault - is the latest in the series of the successful Scryer/ Webster books featuring exceptional routines and fine touches that will empower you as a performer and a reader. The key to memorable encounters is “fine touches” and powerful routines.  This book continues in that tradition of providing you with just that and more!
Premonition Invisible Gifts: A presentation of gifts in a bag with an invisible deck guaranteed to get you future booking. Fit to perform as a stand alone effect for all types. Extremely strong and unforgettable.
Svengali Automatic Writing: Where the spirit comes in as you channel their card. An amazing presentation in automatic writing – their jaws will drop on this one. An extremely clever and again a stand alone piece fit for a king.
Imaginary Sea Shells: A journey and a reading at the same time. A masterpiece where the spectator hears their answers with make believe sea shells. This one is too strong to reveal – its one of Scryer’s coveted routines which he uses almost constantly. More then just meets the eye on this one enough said.
Rose Blessing and Reading: A reading and a blessing. A precious and extraordinary piece highly guarded and yet another favorite of Neal’s – this is one they will talk about.
Email Q&A: Never in reading history has anything like this been written. Yes Q&A Email is a powerful and worth the price of the book. It’s so cleverly constructed. Don’t want to tip to much as these are Scryer’s prize possessions as the title of the book speaks for itself
Answering Question With A Rose: Very powerful another one needs to be kept hush hush sorry guys.
Scryer’s Astrological Sign: As real as you can get (no pumping) a method never explained for first time were you are never wrong. This is as real as you can get with mind reading – a pure gem.
PK Touch Pateo: A very sneaky way of doing a PK touch. You will like it I think my devoted reader will understand this one – mums the word.
Two Color, Everyone But One Felt Nothing, Scryer’s Key-R-rect Pateo, Hot Seat, Invisible Mystical Ring, Six Box Fortune, Business Card Spirit Writing, The Hypnotized Stooge, Random Cell Phone Description, Dying To Come Up, Whole Audience Invisible Deck. Psychometry Outdone, Dressing Up The Stick Man, Crystal Magical Svengali, Favorite Food, Cell Pendulum Pateo
The collective works of Neal Scryer was undoubtedly one of my strongest inspirations and in fact a strong motivation for me to finally release my forthcoming book titled:  Beyond Real Minds. I owe a debt of gratitude to Neal for re-engergizing the passion in my work. - Oliver Ferguson sd

Sie erhalten das Buch (Hardcover, 94 Seiten) in englischer Sprache.



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