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Confetti Shooter by Vernet Magic
Confetti Shooter by Vernet Magic
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Nomad Pad 2.0 by Mathieu Bich 114,95 EUR
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Artikeldatenblatt druckenNomad Pad 2.0 by Mathieu Bich
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Nomad Pad 2.0 by Mathieu Bich

Four years after the successful launch of Nomad Pad... Presenting the next generation. We have worked with Nikola since the Nomad Pad was brought to the market, taking on board user feedback to correct the imperfections of the old version. Discover the result of this work with Nomad Pad 2.0. 

You'll enjoy:
its ease of use
the pocket size of the notebook
the reset integrated into the stylet
immediate access to the information
a paper refill included in the pack

You'll discover:
new, more direct handling.
a slightly different size (+1 cm) to achieve a PERFECT width/length proportion (based on the Golden Ratio)
Better legibility of writing with a new, more precise plate
A better light gray/dark gray contrast (in the new plate) for use in all lighting conditions.
A 30% larger writing surface for the spectator
Anodized magnets integrated into the notebook design (therefore practically invisible)
More pages for a greater number of performances.

Included in the Nomad Pad 2.0:
A Nomad Pad, a stylet, a paper refill and a link to a private website where you can download the instructions.

Sie erhalten Nomad Pad 2.0, einen Stift und einen Link zu einem englischsprachigen Online-Video. 
Achtung! Sie benötigen eine Internetverbindung, um das Online-Video anzusehen.

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