Dirty Work by Ryan Matney

Dirty Work by Ryan Matney
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Dirty Work is the lowdown on ten new dirty deeds by Ryan Matney. Some are self-working, some are impromptu, and all are powerful examples of highly structured strangeness.

Among the deceptions included in this book are, "Already Gone," a transposition and change of signatures between two people; be they friends or lovers. All with a cool and emotionally manipulative script that is sure to tug at the old heart strings and get the money.

"Gimme Back My Bullet" is an easy, no nonsense transposition between two cards. Likewise, "To Your Corners" is a magical separation of red cards from black cards that cuts right to the chase. No blah-blah-blah; just bang-bang-bang.

"California Dreamin'"kicks a hole in a classic Larry Jennings routine and rebuilds it from the ground up. In, "Jervis's Game," a demonstration of skill spirals into an experiment in hypnosis with a series of surprising revelations. Finally, "MacGuffin" is a self-working and impromptu version of the mystery card plot. Yeah, you read that correctly.

No matter if you do mentalism, poker deals, or the Ambitious Card, when it comes to the secrets of card magic, they all have one thing in common: the Dirty Work.

"Ryan's new book proves two things; firstly, that he creates strong and efficient card magic, and secondly, that the Dirty Tricks are the best ones." - Liam Montier

"I liked every trick in the book. There is no filler, only well-constructed, fun to perform, entertaining card magic." - Tom Dobrowolski

"Fellow Magicians, if you like super clever commercial magic, be sure to check out Ryan Matney's new book, Dirty Work. It's chock full of terrific card magic with wonderfully novel plots that rely on subtlety more than sleights. And the sleights that are implemented are not only not knuckle busting, but are also very well explained. One of the effects, 'California Dreamin', is going right into my working set (It's a cool riff on Larry Jennings' 'The Pacoima Solution')." - Cameron Francis

"A great magician, brilliant writer....and he's an ah'ite dude, I guess! Seriously, I love this guy and this book is all KILLER/No Filler, gang!" - Craig Stegall

"If you want to learn some seriously entertaining card magic that you will actually use (as opposed to just nodding your head and turning the page), then I highly recommend you get in on the Dirty Work." - Mark Elsdon

"Dirty Work is typical Ryan Matney material: simple, direct and STRONG! I am already adding some of these to my repertoire (and YOU should, too)! 'Already Gone', 'Gimme Back My Bullet', and 'Mechanized Chance' are crazy fun to do (and 'Jervis's Game' is a reputation maker). Kudos to Ryan for sharing these monsters." - Geoff Williams

"Card magicians: kick off your new year with a great set of notes from my friend Ryan Matney. There's some really wonderful thinking in here, I'll totally be using a few tricks. Wonderful stuff." - James Went

"If you're smart, you'll buy this book. Ryan Matney always delivers solid material, and this publication is no different." - Eric Stevens

"To all my card monkeys and magic friends - you've heard of the real work - well this is the Dirty Work! Go! Buy! And Learn the #DirtyWork. Ryan Matney creates and procures some of the best card magic out there." - Chastain Criswell

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Dirty Work by Ryan Matney