DVD Richard Osterlind Mind Mysteries Vol.1 (The Act)

DVD Richard Osterlind Mind Mysteries Vol.1 (The Act)
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Richard Osterlind has long been considered one of mentalism and magics most creative minds.

In this exciting new DVD series, he shares with you not only his most famous creations but also many highly guarded secrets, ideas and routines, many of which are right out of his professional act.

Its a rare thing when one of mentalisms leading minds divulges the secrets to his professional act - the material hes been earning a living with for decades. Yet, on this volume of an extraordinary DVD series, thats exactly what Richard Osterlind does - sharing not only the methods, but the fine details, of the powerhouse effects hes been wowing corporate and trade show audiences all over the world with. Watch him amaze the audience in performance and then go behind the scenes as Osterlind, along with host Jim Sisti, shows you how its all done.