Cardiographic LITE RED CARD by Martin Lewis

Cardiographic LITE RED CARD by Martin Lewis
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Cardiographic LITE RED CARD packs all the power of its famous parent. Featured in David Coppefield's touring show, this is the trick that recently earned Jon Dorenbos a golden buzzer on America's Got Talent

Effect: Spectator selects a card. Magician says he's drawn the card on a pad, and turns the pad around - it's an entire deck of cards! But not to worry - suddenly a drawing of the spectator's card magically rises from the drawing! You actually watch it rise - looks amazing! AND, the magician can tear out the page and hand it to the spectator as a souvenir! 

Do you want to include this classic effect in your show, but it is either too expensive, or drawing is just not your strong suit? Take a look at Cardiographic LITE - things have changed! 

  • No drawing skills requires 
  • 15-second reset 
  • Letter size easily fits a briefcase or backpack 
  • Includes thirty souvenir sheets 

While this is an economy version, we have not skimped in the construction: LITE sports a heavyweight backboard, a tough washable rising page, and an oversized spiral for easy operation. 

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new version. Best thing I've seen in YEARS!!!! I get hundreds of items to review and VERY few make it into my act - this one went straight in!!!" 
- Paul Romhany

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Cardiographic LITE RED CARD by Martin Lewis
Cardiographic LITE RED CARD by Martin Lewis

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