Benglas Effect by Taiwan Ben

Benglas Effect by Taiwan Ben
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As known to everyone, the magicians have been figured out how the berglas effect works since many years ago. If you were still looking for the one you do not disappointed, I would like to present you the Be"n"glas effect that will be your favortie version.

This Product Features:

  • NO Stooges. 
  • Instant Reset. 
  • No deck switches. 
  • Any Bicycle Deck can be used. 
  • The deck of cards can be examined. 
  • The wallet can be seen or put on the spectator's hand before the process. 
  • Two spectator chosen their numbers at random. 
  • Any Card can be your prediction.

Additional variations:

  • Two spectators are asked to name the number and the 3rd spectator choose any card 
  • A sealed deck of card possibly.

Includes all props, full instructions and variations.

Sie erhalten die Wallet, die Anleitung in englischer Sprache und einen Link zu einem einglischsprachigen Online-Video. 
Achtung! Sie benötigen eine Internetverbindung, um das Online-Video anzusehen.

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