An Unexpected Triumph by Magician Anonymous

An Unexpected Triumph by Magician Anonymous
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The creators at Magician Anonymous bring you the best triumph you will ever perform... An Unexpected Triumph is truly the cleanest triumph routine possible. No false moves, no deck switches. This is what real magic looks like. To top it off, the deck does a FULL COLOR CHANGE! Completely self-working and easy to learn and perform, you'll be able to perform this routine within minutes after watching the downloadable tutorial. Comes with all gimmicks.

No rough/smooth
No deck switches
No short/long cards
No sleight of hand
No stick stuff
No magnets
No black art
Easy to perform
Self-working (the gaff deck does everything for you)

Magician Anonymous presents "An Unexpected Triumph"

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An Unexpected Triumph by Magician Anonymous

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