Smooth Prediction by The Other Brothers

Smooth Prediction by The Other Brothers
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In this intriguing routine, you predict two cards, one thought-of and one freely cut to! This is clean, direct magic at its best.

The Other Brothers have devised an ingenious deck of cards that facilitates the cleanest possible approach to this effect and you can reveal the predictions in your pocket, a wallet, or just about anywhere. The subtly-prepared pack allows the spectator to simply think of any card she sees, and a second spectator to cut absolutely anywhere she likes. This is the kind of trick that cannot be contained in a written description. In the trailer watch how casual, fair, and amazing the sequence looks in the performance.

You receive:
A cleverly gimmicked deck which allows you to perform this incredible routine.
Access to an instructional video which teaches everything in depth as well as bonus handlings!

Running time: 22 minutes approx.

Sie erhalten das Smooth Prediction Deck
und den Internet-Link zu einem englischsprachigen
Online-Video. Achtung! Sie benötigen, um das Online-Video anzusehen, eine Internetverbindung.

Video ansehen!

Smooth Prediction by The Other Brothers

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