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Chaos by Menny Lindenfeld
Chaos by Menny Lindenfeld
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Cheating At Texas Holdem by John Born 49,95 EUR
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Artikeldatenblatt druckenCheating At Texas Holdem by John Born
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Cheating At Texas Holdem by John Born

"The gambler's ultimate guide to detection and prevention in the private game, in the casino, and online."

All in? Think again...

Have you ever sat against a monster bet wishing that you knew what was coming on the river? Wonder if this is even possible? Over the years, hustlers and card mechanics have developed hundreds of techniques to create a poker environment where even sharks become prey. Cheating does occur, and the serious player's best protection against it is to understand how it works.

Whether you are simply curious, an avid card player, or someone interested in dabbling in the darker side of poker, Cheating At Texas Hold'em will be one of the most interesting and enlightening contributions to your game. In these pages you will encounter an unprecedented collection of research and innovation - a comprehensive project exploring the true threats specific to the modern texas hold'em table. Join sleight-of-hand/gambling expert John B. Born as he details exactly how cheating works, how to detect it, and how to prevent it. 

Cheating At Texas Hold'em pushes far beyond the basics, featuring many progressive cheating techniques and scams that have never seen print. Along with these, you will find modern applications and insights into the more familiar approaches (published as early as the 15th century) that have held their place in the cardsharp's repertoire. Cheating At Texas Hold'em is a must have for the serious poker player. For less than it costs to play one hand, you can ensure a fair game by knowing what they know. Just a few of the topics include: 

  • Types of Pre-Marked Cards 
  • Marking Cards During Play 
  • Crooked Shuffles and Cuts 
  • Switching Cards in Play 
  • Memorized Slug Tactics 
  • Killing Cards / Partner Applications 
  • How to "Undo" the Final Cut 
  • Distractions at the Card Table 
  • Advanced Cold Deck Strategies 
  • Bots and Database Applications 
  • Peeking/Flashing Community Cards 
  • Choreographed Cheating Sequences 
  • Original Approaches and Techniques 
  • Crooked Dealing 
  • Playing the Light 
  • Stacking the Deck 
  • Pulling the Plug 
  • Account Hacking 
  • Partner Strategies 
  • Psychological Ploys 
  • Shuffle Tracking 
  • Cheating with Chips 
  • Substituting Cards 
  • Betting Strategies 
  • Signaling Systems 
  • Proper Procedures

Pages: 560 - 6" x 9" - Hardcover - Over 1300 photos

Sie erhalten das Buch (560 Seiten, Hardcover gebunden, mit mehr als 1300 Fotos) in englischer Sprache.


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