Cell by David Stone

Cell by David Stone
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In Collaboration with Mickael Chatelain

Signed card in your cell phone!
Cell is a gimmick that allows you to produce a signed card in the battery compartment of your cell phone.
The "Kennedy Box" (Mystery Box) for the magicians who don't want to carry a box in their pocket.
You receive a DVD and the gimmick that you put in your cell phone in a few seconds. The telephone is yours, works and can be used normally.
The reset is less than 1 second and you can use it in Pro situations, stand-up and surrounded.
High quality gimmick for professional use.

Note: This DVD is PAL format. Playback maybe possible on many computer DVD-ROM drives, but NOT on NTSC television sets.

Sie erhalten ein Gimmick und eine englischsprachige DVD.

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