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LINT book by John Luka
LINT book by John Luka
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Celebrity Scorch (Tom Cruse & Elvis) by Mathew Knight and Stephe 62,00 EUR
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Artikeldatenblatt druckenCelebrity Scorch (Tom Cruse & Elvis) by Mathew Knight and Stephe
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Celebrity Scorch (Tom Cruse & Elvis) by Mathew Knight and Stephe
Celebrity Scorch (Tom Cruse & Elvis) by Mathew Knight and Stephe
Celebrity Scorch (Tom Cruse & Elvis) by Mathew Knight and Stephe
Celebrity Scorch (Tom Cruse & Elvis) by Mathew Knight and Stephe

With a flash of FIRE you reveal the spooky scorched image of a celebrity face that your audience is thinking of! It appears on the back of ANY blank, signed card! Even your own business card or other surfaces!

Celebrity Scorch is a POWERFUL piece of visual magic that comes straight from the professional set of one of the UK's top magicians Mathew Knight. After 5 years of creating and refining this trick, and testing it on hundreds of audiences, Mathew is finally releasing it to the magic community in collaboration with the creator of 'The Mystery Blocks' Stephen Macrow.

With NO complicated sleight of hand, it's easy to do, sets up quickly and reliably, takes up very little pocket space and can be reset in seconds. You can even repeat the trick with a different celebrity outcome!

You receive a precision made tool that has only been made possible by modern manufacturing techniques, which will last a lifetime. No need to keep re buying the trick as it will never run out.

As performed by social media superstar Luca Gallone! It's an eye catching trick that gives your deck of cards a break... AND can be used as a perfect way to hand out your business card, so when they're discussing the trick, they know who to call for their next event. Not only does it get incredible reactions but it leaves your spectator with a memory of an amazing moment and a one of kind souvenir that they often keep and cherish.

The method is strong and very deceptive and can be performed from any angle.

In the explanation Mathew discusses multiple methods and ideas and gives you all the pro tips to maximize the impact of this real 'worker'! It's filmed from multiple angles to give a great perspective and easy to follow instructions.

Points to remember:
Easy to do
Great reactions
Professional worker
Creates a souvenir
Hands out business card
Can be repeated
Angle proof
Comes with special tool
Clear instructions
Never runs out

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