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Card Magic USA by Peter Duffie and Vanishing Inc. 29,39 EUR
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Artikeldatenblatt druckenCard Magic USA by Peter Duffie and Vanishing Inc.
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Card Magic USA by Peter Duffie and Vanishing Inc.

Card Magic USA is an ebook that has received many, many great reviews. We thought that it deserved a wider audience so we worked with Peter Duffie to produce it as a printed, softback book. This new book contains mostly unpublished card magic from some of America's finest magicians and is exclusive to Vanishing Inc. Magic.

49 contributors from the USA share 80 routines and moves in over 280, fully illustrated pages! Includes a fantastic bonus section including material from past masters Gene Maze, Frank Thompson, Michael Skinner, Paul Swinford and Roger Klause.

There's so much magic within these 280 pages! Vanishing Inc. is proud to be able to offer this fantastic book!

Pages: 280 - 8.5" x 11" - Softcover - Perfectbound -Black and white photos

Contributors to Card Magic USA:
  • Jon Armstrong
  • Lee Asher
  • John Bannon
  • Steve Beam
  • John B. Born
  • Steve Bryant
  • Antonio Cabral
  • Jack Carpenter
  • Steve Dacri
  • Marc DeSouza
  • Steve Draun
  • Steve Dusheck
  • Steve Ehlers
  • Tom Frame
  • Cameron Francis
  • JK Hartman
  • Wesley James
  • Joshua Jay
  • Marty Kane
  • Bob King
  • Nathan Kranzo
  • Chad Long
  • Bill Malone
  • Ryan Matney
  • Harry Lorayne
  • Max Maven
  • Steve Mayhew
  • Stephen Minch
  • James Patton
  • Jeff Pierce
  • Gary Plants
  • Mike Powers
  • Jon Racherbaumer
  • Steve Reynolds
  • Robin Robertson
  • Harvey Rosenthal
  • Steve Shufton
  • Bob Solari
  • Ryan Swigert
  • Dan Tong
  • Diamond Jim Tyler
  • Mike Vance
  • Michael Weber
  • Caleb Wiles
  • Roger Klause
  • Gene Maze
  • Michael Skinner
  • Paul Swinford
  • Frank Thompson


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