Don't Blink (DVD and Gimmick) by Salvafor Sufrate and B.d.M.

Dont Blink (DVD and Gimmick) by Salvafor Sufrate and B.d.M.
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Art.Nr.: 1994

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An incredible change of cards created by Salvador Sufrate. Any magician's dream comes true. Imagine changing a card at the tip of your fingers and giving it to any member of the audience immediately for him/her to look at it, also showing that your hands are empty; the card may be signed by this member of the audience; the change of cards is made without any weird move, without any complicated skill.

  • Card Can Be Examined Before and After
  • Includes Self Working and Advanced Handlings
  • There aren't flaps
  • The Perfect Ending To Your Favorite Card Trick

    The magician asks any member of the audience to choose a card; this card is then signed by him/her and then it gets lost in the deck. Some seconds after, the magician takes a card out of his pocket and this card is not the chosen one. Then this card changes for the card signed by the member of the audience. This change of cards is fully imperceptible; there is no weird o suspicious move. The magician has the card at the tip of his fingers and you may have a look at it!!!

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