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Lock (Red version) by Victor Zatko
Lock (Red version) by Victor Zatko
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DVD Cups And Balls by Bob White 34,95 EUR
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DVD Cups And Balls by Bob White
DVD Cups And Balls by Bob White

There are countless wonderful routines with cups and balls. Max Malini, Al Baker, Sam Horowitz, Charlie Miller, Paul Rosini, Dai Vernon and many other capable performers featured the trick in their close-up performances. 

It is a close-up trick! And, it can be performed with paper cups completely surrounded by spectators or with sterling silver cups in a more formal setting. 

The difference between a good performer and an expert performer is the manner in which the expert handles the props, makes fake transfers of the balls and deceptively executes the final large loads. 

This DVD will help you learn how to correctly do these critical techniques. It also includes a complete routine that can be done with any cups. Or, portions may be incorporated into your present routine. If you are a beginner, this DVD will be invaluable. 

Performances and Detailed Explanations of...

  • The "Practical Routine" 

  • Bob White on Vernon's Ball Vanish 

  • Three Opening Sequences 

  • The Inertia Tip-Off Move 

  • Galloping Post Sequences 

  • Sequences with Charlie Miller's Move
    ...and much more

Additional Feature
Dai Vernon's Single Cup and Ball Routine
from his 1968 Lecture 
Performed and Explained by Bob White

Running Time Approximately 1hr 33min

Sie erhalten die DVD in englischer Sprache.


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