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DVD Comedy Magic of Rich Marotta Vol.1-3 80,00 EUR
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Art.Nr.: 1948
Artikeldatenblatt druckenDVD Comedy Magic of Rich Marotta Vol.1-3
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DVD Comedy Magic of Rich Marotta Vol.1-3
DVD Comedy Magic of Rich Marotta Vol.1-3
DVD Comedy Magic of Rich Marotta Vol.1-3

At long last the secrets of creating Comedy and Magic are revealed! Rich Marotta is a Comedy Club Headliner with over 20 years of experience and 2000 performances in over 200 venues. Rich imparts all of his professional tips and information to assist you in adding comedy to your magic. On this hilarious and magical 3-volume set of videos, you'll learn:

How to establish yourself as a Comedian
How to establish yourself as a Magician
How to successfully mix comedy and magic
How to transition from joke to trick, trick to trick, and joke to joke
How to choose and use assistants from the audience
How to take an encore, and MUCH MORE!

Volume 1
Witness an actual, uncut and hilarious Rich Marotta performance before a live comedy club audience. The perfect marriage of stand-up comedy and magic. Rich then teaches you all of the ins and outs of his pet effects, stopping along the way to impart valuable tips and suggestions gleaned from over 20 years of professional performing experience.

- Paper Strip
- Mugged
- Best Trick
- Cigarette Production
- Lasso Card Trick
- Center Cut
- McCombical Prediction
- Card in Orange
- Business Cards To Pocke
- Onear

Running Time Approximately 85 min

Volume 2
Perhaps the toughest venue any professional magician has to face - the walk-around situation. Rich Marotta is a master of approaching a group of people - cold - and blowing them away. The material explained on this volume is designed for situations where you have no table and the spectators' hands are otherwise engaged. Learn commercial and effective tricks for this unique situation. Learn how to approach a group cold; how to get the attention of spectators across the room; and what types of effects work best under fire.

- Quarter on Forehead
- Fan-See Card
- Ring & Rope
- A.P.E.
- Card Rise
- Re-Rabbits
- Cards to Pocket
- Gypsy Tie
- Card in Lemon
- Quick Coin Trick

Running Time Approximately 85 min

Volume 3
Close-up and Comedy~ What a great mix! If you don't entertain your audience when performing magic, then you aren't doing your job. This video not only teaches you great tricks, but also shows you how adding comedy to your magic can make all of the difference in the world.

- Repeat Escape
- Shot In The Pack
- Swindle
- Matchic Trick
- Visible Card To Wallet
- Nest Of Boxes
- Stabbed In The Pack
- Queen Soiree

Running Time Approximately 80 min


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