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DVD Close Up. Up Close. Vol. 3 by Joshua Jay 32,17 EUR
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Artikeldatenblatt druckenDVD Close Up. Up Close. Vol. 3 by Joshua Jay
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DVD Close Up. Up Close. Vol. 3 by Joshua Jay

Volume 3 explores Joshuas favorite genre: formal card magic. Its Joshua Jay, a deck of cards, and an astounded audience. The range of effects is equaled only by the range of methods-Joshua uses a clever blend of subtlety, sleight-of-hand, and gaffs for maximum impact. Also included is a detailed study of Triumph, the Bluff Pass, and extra footage of Joshuas gambling exposé, shot in a live theater.

Trumped Triumph: A Triumph routine with an unbelievable climax. This utilizes a fascinating principle and other ideas are included by Darwin Ortiz and Karl Heinn.

Silent Card Routine (performance only): See the formal, elegant, six-minute opening of Joshuas one-man show, shot live in front of the usual sold-out theater.

Triple Thought-of Card: Three thought-of cards. No questions asked. No preparation. No gimmicked cards. No sleights. Three thought-of cards. Works every time.

Back in Time: Joshuas workhorse Triumph routine. The presentation, the structure, the sleights, the timing...its all worked out, ready to become your go-to card routine.

Pseudo Centers Transpo: Who said everything had to be easy? If youre willing to put in the time, this routine will have your audience convinced youre a master mechanic.

Overlap Hitchcock: A squeaky-clean assembly routine with a surprise kicker. Utilizes Joshuas ingenious Overlap gaff.

Bluff Shifts: Joshuas work on the Bluff Shift is raising eyebrows from magics top practitioners. Youll learn three counter-intuitive approaches.

Plus: Triumph in Aces, Paradise Aces, The Book Cut, Déjà vu Collectors, and Joshuas thirteen-minute gambling exposé, shot live at his one-man show.

Extra Feature - Gambling Photos: Joshuas gallery exhibition of sleight-of-hand, depicted close-up...a combination of photography and magic.



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