DVD Bending Minds - Bending Metal (Vol.1-3) by Guy Bavli

DVD Bending Minds - Bending Metal (Vol.1-3) by Guy Bavli
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Art.Nr.: 1953

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Not since Uri Geller has Israel produced such a dynamic performer! Guy Bavli is Israel's hottest magician, specializing in Mentalism and Metal Bending. Guy is a full- time professional, constantly performing on television both in the United States and abroad. Guy is also a three-time winner of the Israeli Gold Cup Award for "Best Magician."

On this three DVD volume set, Guy reveals for the first time effects that have made him the most sought-after performer in his country!

Effects Performed and Explained:
Volume 1
Spoons from card case
- Produce full-sized spoons from your card case! How do they fit?
Bending a spoon in a spectator´s hand - Bend metal with mindpower!
Bag bend - A comlete act! Spoons bend and break!
Melting a spoon in a spectator´s hand - A spoon melts and breaks while in a spectator´s hand!
Miracle with a fork - One of the tines on fork bends, unbends and then breaks!
Energy hand - A spoon bends with a wave of your hand!
Perfect key bending - A borrowed, signed key is bent!
Hounted spoon - The ultimate haunted handkerchief!

Volume 2
Incredibly clean
- An mental masterpiece with cards!
Question Mark mystery - A matching pair of cards is located by a spectator using only the power of the mind!
Fan Vision - A spectator thinks of a playing card - then the performer names it!
The perfect prediction - The ultimate book test conducted under near-impossible conditions!
Impromptu card stab - A card is selected and lost; the cards are tossed into the air and the spectator´s selection is impaled with a knife!
The lottery prediction - Six spectator´s correctly pick the winning lottery numbers!

Volume 3
Bending a large nail - Mind power demonstration!
Bending a small nail - Very devious method!
Shrinking spoon - Visibly cause a spoon to shrink!
Spoon through table - With the handle visible, a spoon magically penetrates the table top!
Stopping a watch/ Time of the future - A borrowed watch is caused to stop working; then, under a spectator's hand, the time mysteriously moves forward several hours.
Headline prediction - Perform a mental miracle using the day's newspaper!
The perfect clipboard - Guy's ultimate routine for the popular marketed clipboards. Like real mindreading!

DVD Bending Minds - Bending Metal (Vol.1-3) by Guy Bavli
DVD Bending Minds - Bending Metal (Vol.1-3) by Guy Bavli
DVD Bending Minds - Bending Metal (Vol.1-3) by Guy Bavli