DVD Award Winning Card Magic Set (6 DVD) by Martin Nash

DVD Award Winning Card Magic Set (6 DVD) by Martin Nash
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Art.Nr.: 1999

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Martin A. Nash, "The Charming Cheat," is one of the top cardmen in the world. For years, he has been one of the most popular performers in the Magic Castle's Close-Up showroom and his technical ability and routining are unsurpassed. On this five-volume set of videos, Martin tips the real work on many of his legendary routines.

Using his carefully cultivated Hollywood image of a gambler and card cheat. Martin A. Nash has entertained and fooled audiences all over the world. You will learn the secrets that made Martin famous among both magicians and lay audiences. Each trick, sleight and routine is explained in minute detail, and Martin givesyou all of the professional touches that elevate intermediate and advanced card work to its highest level. This is easily the best footage of Martin ever shot. There has never been a card sharp quite like "The Charming Cheat", Martin A. Nash!

The Charming Cheat - Vol.1
- Kings Incognito
- Palm Unseen
- Soft Shuffles
- The Pull-Through Shuffle
- In the Nick of Time
- Limited Ambitions
- Ovation

The Charming Cheat - Vol.2
- Down the Garden Path
- A Problem with Fulves
- The Fastest Card in the West
- Peek Control Effect
- Top Stock Controls
- Jacks or Better - A complete 13 minute card act

The Charming Cheat - Vol.3
- Blackjack Demonstration
- Dunbury Delusion
- The Computer Card Trick
- Vernash Aces
- Celestial Aces #2
- Mental Topper
- Overkill
- Incomplete Masterpiece
-Poker Opener
-Colors on the Match

The Charming Cheat - Vol.4
- Any Way You Want It
- Tabled Faro Shuffle
- Run-Ups (up to 7 hands)
- Packet Switches
- Beat the Cheat Poker
- Infinity Control
- The Slug
- Weighted
- 4-Way

The Charming Cheat - Vol.5
- Omni Twist
- Second Deals
- Multiple Shifts
- The Show-Off
- Bottom Deals
- Center Deals
- False Shuffles

BONUS DVD - Infinity & Beyond Martin Nash
On Infinity, you'll learn a diabolically clever principal that allows you to perform miracles with a deck of cards. Easy to learn, plus Martin teaches you a myriad of ways to utilize this powerful weapon. Learn the simple concept and complete routines. Beyond is Martin's personalized instruction on the elusive Tabled Faro.. and extremely powerful weapon for the few performers who have mastered it. You won't believe how strong your card magic can be!