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DVD Art of Hopping Tables Mark Leveridge 33,00 EUR
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DVD Art of Hopping Tables Mark Leveridge

Part 1 of The Art of Hopping Tables is a magical documentary as you are taken along with Britains famous Mark Leveridge on one of his commercial bookings. This is a unique opportunity to see exactly what happens in a professional magicians "day at the office." First, Mark explains everything that goes into the preparation for an evening of strolling magic-its a fascinating insight into what goes on behind the scenes in the build-up to a show. Then you are there as Mark entertains his audiences-you see it all exactly as it happened! This is followed by an analysis of what makes a successful table-hopping performance, as Mark and Chris Payne look again at some of the key moments from the evenings work and discuss exactly how all the principles of performance come together. This is the "art" of hopping tables-it shows how all the many facets of personality, technique, audience control, and magic effects are blended into a memorable experience for the spectators. The tape ends with a discussion with experienced strolling magician Stuart Bowie about many other aspects of close-up performance, with particular reference to restaurant and dinner-function work. Revealed in a candid and truthful way are many of the intimate working secrets of an experienced strolling magician. It is a gold mine of advice borne of genuine experience, and it is highly valuable to both experienced and novice strolling magicians. Part 2 concentrates on the magic itself. Using relevant sections of the live footage seen in Part 1, you will see seven effects performed by Mark for his audiences and then fully explained in an entertaining and informal style with Chris Payne. All the magic comes directly from Marks own current repertoire.
Part 1
Resetting Tricks
Double Checking Preparations
Spin Out
Name Dropper
Copy Ring
Ring Flight
The Caught Card
The Department Store
The Hypnotized Coin
Aces Under Control
How to Approach a Table
Going to Next Table
Things Happen
How to Cover a Mistake
Handling Children
Working for Reactions
Cueing Applause
Taking Control
Working at a Dinner Function
Tips / Fees

Part 2
Spin Out
The Hypnotized Coin
Aces Under Control
Copy Ring
Name Dropper
The Caught Card



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