Banquet Magician's Handbook by David Charvet

Banquet Magicians Handbook by David Charvet
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Banquet or "after dinner" shows offer one of the most lucrative fields to the working magician In every town or city, every day, banquets are held where entertainment is needed In this book, David Charvet and a panel of experts share the real secrets of how to succeed in this market.

**You Will Learn...**

•Choosing tricks & routines
•Before you arrive
•Pre-contract questions
•Follow-up & repeat bookings
•Audience anticipation
•Advertising and booking
•Using agents
•What clients look for in an act
•Illusions for banquets
•The show site
•At the show
•Theming effects
•Lighting & sound
•Types of banquets and which ones use entertainment

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