Approaching Magic by David Regal

Approaching Magic by David Regal
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Over 500 Pages and 1000 Photographs

Bills, beer, socks, envelopes, DVDs, coffee cups, baskets, boxes, borrowed rings, portable darkness, pieces of paper, paperback books, a bulletin board, a glass canister, a wand, a pencil, and a Cards & Coins.

Magic for Stand Up, Sit Down, Near and Far. How it Works and How to Perform it.

"David Regal's magic is just sensational, and the presentations are equally ingenious. He's fooled me, surprised me, made me laugh, and made me wonder. Most of all, he made me wonder where all these great ideas come from. Now every magician will know. They come from this book."
- Jim Steinmeyer

"Brilliance in action, David gives you his real world - real work."
- Jeff McBride

"I have had the privilege of experiencing Davids fine performances and lectures. David has the insightful understandings of magical theories that I have heard Professor Dai Vernon preach on for years. He understands what makes for good magic."
- Richard Turner

"In the UK, 'REGAL' is a brand of cigarette. David's material relates to this in two ways; It is of highest quality and it KILLS."
- R. Paul Wilson

"Very few tricks give me the feeling that 'In Darkness' gave me. In short it blew me away."
- Dean Dill

"The 'One=hand Half Pass' completely flew by me...I simply had no clue, David has given the brethren a diabolical new tool to create miracles."
- Roger Klause

"Please ignore David's 'Change for a five'. People feel abused and mentally violated after seeing it."
- Derek Delgaudio

"After reading three coin effects, 'Consolidation', 'An Attractive Vanish', and a 'A Quiet Good-bye', I can honestly say that they are stunning, cunning, and diabolical."
- Mike Gallo

Pages 500+ - Hardcover with dust jacket, Photo illustrated

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Restaurant Workers Handbook by Jim Pace & Jerry Macgregor

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Best of All Worlds
Best of All Worlds ist nicht nur ein Buch über einen "Zaubertrick". Es ist ein umfassender, tiefgehender Blick auf das, was Dai Vernon als "den Kartentrick des Jahrhunderts" bezeichnete.
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Bounce-no-Bounce Balls by Steve Spangler (1 inch)

Two rubber balls that look, feel and squeeze the same... but try bouncing them! One rebounds in a most lively manner while the`s about as bounceless as a piece of clay! Highly visual, golf ball size, perfect for palming or sleeving and great for any size audience!

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Das Drehbuch zum Trick von Ingo Brehm und Albin Zinnecker

Dieses Buch wird Zauberkünstlern, die sich erstmalig mit der Erstellung eines Skripts für Ihre Darbietung beschäftigen, helfen, die häufigsten Fehler zu vermeiden und das „Drehbuch zum Trick“ letztlich auf die Bühne zu bringen. Erfahrene „Skriptautoren“ werden die vielfältigen Hinweise und Ideen zu schätzen wissen, die das Skripterstellen einfacher und flüssiger machen.

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Fundamente von Eberhard Riese
Obwohl die Zauberkunst nicht nur aus Tricktechnik besteht, beschäftigen sich schätzungsweise 99% aller Fachbücher vorrangig mit diesem Thema. „Neue“ Kunststücke, Techniken und Griffe drängen alle anderen ebenfalls wichtigen Elemente in den Hintergund...
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