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Beswitched 59,95 EUR
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Art.Nr.: 1544
Artikeldatenblatt druckenBeswitched
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The performer begins, "When you hear the word 'witch' you probably think of a number of things, black pointy hats, brooms and this, a cauldron."

With that, he displays a small (2" by 2") finely turned, dark wood cauldron along with two ornate dice. One of the dice is covered on all six sides by stars and the other with full moons."Here we have the makings of a spell, but no spell is complete without one of these..." The performer displays a piece of decorated parchment paper. "A spell card with the proper symbol in the center to get the spell moving. Here, I’ll demonstrate what I mean. I am going to turn my back and I want you to pick up one of the dice and place it in the cauldron, then cover it with the lid. Then, take up the other one and place it behind your back." The performer turns his back and the spectator proceeds with the task.

Once the spectator is finished, the performer turns around and places the cauldron in the center of the spell card. Immediately, without any "fishing" or strange moves, he divines which dice is in the cauldron!

  • The effect may be repeated as often as you like
  • No set-up required
  • Everything may be examined before and after the effect

Comes complete with the wood cauldron, dice, "parchment" spell card and an extra gimmick which allows you to perform the effect without using the spell card if desired.

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